The LinguistIQ Society is a Special Interest Society, a production of the World Intelligence Network, created to host all language-related threads, discussions, articles and links, suggested and submitted by individuals of high intelligence capacities. Supervisor of this thread is Graham Powell, the WIN ONE magazine editor and co-supervisor of the WIN Public Relations Committee.

High IQ societies members may submit their linguistic works to the supervisor of this thread, who will be solely responsible for the consideration for their publication.

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  1. ReplyGraham_Powell

    Welcome to this Special Interest Group. I hope people will contribute articles and thoughts about the plethora of subjects connected with verbal communication, for example, etymology, phonetics, grammatical and literary terms, or semantics. Hear from you soon, Graham Powell

  2. ReplyGraham_Powell

    I am pleased to announce that the Linguistiq S.I.G. is launching a competition to find the author of the best story told in exactly 50 words - that is, excluding the title. Here is an example: Angel. There was a young girl who decided to take a photo of an angel she could see. She lined up the shot, then 'click' went the camera; but straight away the girl felt a strange tingling sensation, the angel disappeared, and all that remained in the room was her mirror. I hope will be inspired to write. The best entries will be published in the next WIN ONE on 11/11/11. You have from 18th May 2011 until 18th July 2011 to submit entries to me, Graham Powell, the WIN ONE editor.

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