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Hyper-operating Life FormsA Poem by Graham Powell

Graham’s Number is up;

eyes closed,

a Cinco de Mayo moment of


in the Library of Babel;

quantum leaping images,




up and down,

strange and  blurring                                 

like his synaesthetic visions.

Charms in life,                    

tops, bottoms,


chancing dark matter

of Black Scholes,

black holes

and post Waxahachie


“…financial weapons of mass destruction,”

which no COBRA could save,

the fated Desertron death

flooding markets with


waiting for the qubit revolution

of synchronic calculation.

Eyes open,

the dream for humanity over,

the accounts sit before him

definitively closed.




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50-word Story Competition. Tue, 17 May 2011 18:06:32 +0000 I am pleased to announce that the LinguistIQ S.I.G. is launching a competition to find the author of the best story told in exactly 50 words – that is, excluding the title. Here is an example:

There was a young girl who decided to take a photo of an angel she could see. She lined up the shot, then ‘click’ went the camera; but straight away the girl felt a strange tingling sensation, the angel disappeared, and all that remained in the room was her mirror.

I hope you will be inspired to write. The best entries will be published in the next WIN ONE on 11/11/11. You have from 18th May 2011 until 18th July to submit entries to me, Graham Powell, the WIN ONE editor.

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A Couple of Simple But Effective Rules Mon, 21 Feb 2011 21:21:26 +0000 Here are a couple of rules in English that non mother-tongue users may benefit from in order to improve their English language usage.

1) the adverb ‘also’ is positioned prior to the main verb in sentences, except for when using the verb ‘to be’. ‘Also’ goes after the verb to be.


I also agree with what you are saying.

I can also write this in Italian.

What you are saying is also correct.

2) Another useful rule, which is easy to remember and apply but is often mis-used, is this one: after a preposition, a verb is used in the ‘-ing form’, for example:

I’m thinking of going to Australia next year.

I’m interested in playing tennis but I’m not very good at volleying.

I hope these rules help,

Graham Powell

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